HelpKit Alternative

Looking for a Helpkit alternative? Let’s see why you might prefer WunderDesk over Helpkit.

HelpKit Alternative

WunderDesk vs HelpKit

Side-by-side comparison on features and pricing

Most affordable plan $$19 / month$19 / month
Best value for the money $$$39 / month$39 / month
Pages & SyncingWunderDeskHelpKit
Up to 100 $
Up to 250 $$
Up to 25 $
Up to 100 $$
Pretty URLs
Auto sync frequencyhalf-hourlydaily
Caching Notion data
Fast image loading (CDN)
Notion TemplateWunderDeskHelpKit
Usage of Notion databasessimply onenested / per sub-collection
Easily browse all articles
Easily move articles
Easily move sub-collections
Localize system texts
Set HTML language tag
RTL (right to left) support
Notion AccessWunderDeskHelpKit
Official Notion API
Keep Notion page private
Notion page accessNotion integrationShare publicly

Why Choose WunderDesk Over HelpKit?

HelpKit is one of the most popular Notion tools for creating help centers. It was one of the first of its kind. But users looking for an alternative to HelpKit may choose WunderDesk because of these reasons:

  • Higher article limit
  • More user-friendly Notion template
  • Better localization capabilities
  • Access Notion data through an official Notion integration
  • Fast image loading

Higher Article Limit

When comparing the most affordable and “best value for money” plans of WunderDesk and HelpKit, their pricing closely aligns. Nevertheless, WunderDesk has a more generous article limit, allowing up to 100 and 250 articles compared to HelpKit’s 25 and 100. This ensures users, especially on the most affordable plan, need not worry about reaching article limits quickly.

More User-Friendly Notion Template

Both HelpKit and WunderDesk allow users the creation of collections, sub-collections, and articles in Notion. WunderDesk utilizes a simpler approach with a single Notion database, while HelpKit needs one database at the root level and nested databases for sub-collections.

Opting for a singular Notion database with WunderDesk brings several advantages:

  • Effortless browsing of articles across different (sub-) collections.
  • Easy drag-and-drop functionality for moving articles and collections.
  • Easy restructuring of articles into new collections.

Better Localization Capabilities

WunderDesk empowers users to translate all system texts into any language. Additionally, it localizes system dates and ensures the correct HTML language tag is set for accurate detection by search engines like Google. WunderDesk goes further by supporting RTL (right-to-left) languages.

In contrast, HelpKit offers localization only for system texts, limiting its language customization capabilities.

Access Notion Data through an Official Notion Integration

HelpKit relies on Notion’s internal and undocumented API to access user data. A method adopted by various older tools due to the absence of alternatives. However, in the present day, Notion has introduced an official API.

In contrast, WunderDesk leverages this official API, offering several benefits:

  • Users don’t need to publicly share their Notion pages. An official Notion integration with OAuth ensures explicit permissions are granted by users.
  • A documented and versioned API prevents unforeseen breaking changes.
  • Fast syncing of data is enabled by querying databases, syncing only new changes.

Fast Image Loading

HelpKit effectively caches the Notion data for serving a fast website. However, it directly loads the images from Notion which is not always optimal. WunderDesk, on the other hand, uses its own CDN to deliver images quickly, ensuring a consistently fast experience.

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